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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Jenny Saridi

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Jenny Saridi

MA Visual Arts: Illustration – Camberwell College of Arts, 2020

Mixed media on canvas
175 x 120 cm (Unframed)

"MAZI - GREEK WORD - TOGETHER: The title of the work, 'MAZI', is a Greek word and it means 'together'. It refers to the unique relationship between mother and a child. Motherly love is associated with a multitude of emotions for her child, from boundless tenderness to intense dominance.

This artwork is divided into two parts. The first one ('Mazi 1'), presents the moment of birth and several symbols that show the kind of life a a mother expects for her child to have. The second part ('Mazi 2'), shows the period of adolescence, when I was “experimenting”, looking for what I really wanted, and trying “different” things. But I always had in my mind what my mother wanted, what was wrong, what was unacceptable."

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