Symbiosis I


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Product Type: Photography Artist:Kate Shorey

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Kate Shorey

MA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins, 2023

Cyanotype on watercolour paper
61 x 86 cm (Framed)

"This series aims to draw attention to the small but vital interactions that happen within our ecosystems every day that we are often oblivious to, yet are so important. Moss is added to the cyanotype along with other elements, such as soil and salt, which grows into salt crystals over the course of days. Micro-ecosystems resembling dystopian landscapes are formed, and the cyanotypes became alive, living and growing. Moss plays a significance in this work as it absorbs pollution and harmful particles from the air and is often the first life to grow after a forest fire, and its existence enables other life to return. As the sun rotates, the UV light passes through the forming salt crystals and documents their growth. The resulting cyanotype immortalises the interaction of these elements, making the elusive and ephemeral permanent."


Certificate of authencity included, as it is an original cyanotype colours may slightly fade over time if left in direct sunlight.




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