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Kadence Fok

A3 matt arco 300gsm
Open edition

Graduation Print 2022

To celebrate this year’s graduation shows, the Arts Students’ Union commissioned two student artists to create a celebratory piece of artwork to mark the occasion.

We asked the students to reflect on their time at UAL, whether it be the architecture of the college, the local community, or an understanding of their social experiences, connections, or reflections of year just passed.

We hope you enjoy reading their interpretation of this brief, and enjoy this print for many years to come.

Your Arts Students’ Union

Hiya. I'm Kadence, a graphic designer/illustrator who was raised in Hong Kong and the United States. I am graduating from CSM MA Graphic Communication Design this year.

I have always looked to create a sense of empathy and resonance in my work, using illustration to transform our shared experiences of life's negativity, mundanity, and complexity into humorous, light-hearted work that provides comfort in its commiseration. While the world is definitely chaotic, I hope my silly humour illustrations are like a gentle touch on your heart or a little soothing snack that you might munch on your life journey. :)

I am very flattered to work on this project, especially for my graduation year. The timing couldn't be better. I was very excited to study at this remarkable institution; it radiates a sense of creativity, of ingenuity, in the air. The environment at CSM is superb. People are doing all kinds of things: some enjoy the sun, some have a cool bike, and some engage in a pleasant convo. Like CSM, the university is extremely diverse – people from everywhere gather to study and create beautiful work in this gorgeous incubator of talent.

I focused on risograph in my MA work which I enjoyed so much because of its unique printing effect. Although risograph functions like screenprinting, I switch my brain into colour separation mode every time I illustrate. It's a bit painful, but it is my way of illustrating now. I mainly illustrate on Procreate and create a master for each colour. For this project, I used four colours as my primary palette – black, blue, pink and yellow – and multiplied them to create more colours when needed. I hope you enjoy this piece and your graduation.

Happy graduation, you are free now! :D

Kadence Fok | @dearitsfriday |



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