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Product Type: Sculpture Artist:Yifan He

Product Description

Yifan He

BA Sculpture, Camberwell College of Arts 2020

Hand made,Ice-cracked glazed ceramic bowls with underglaze texts
Set of 6 various in sizes
In diameters ranges from 9cm to 16cm

"How to describe the nightmares I have forgotten… It is as if the mind had trouble digesting some facts, happenings, words, conditions or people encountered, they have to be hiccupped to the consciousness with a hint of soured taste… I can never reach my finger to the food that I’ve swallowed. I cannot grab a mop and some soap to go into my belly to do a thorough cleaning up. Once they are in there, they are in there. That is how trivially desperate I am towards the thoughts and memories in my head. I could not just get rid of them."


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