Red Continent


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Joanna Cohn

Product Description

Joanna Cohn

MA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins, 2021

Giclée Print on Albrecht Dürer paper, 210 gsm
Edition of 10
A2 (Unframed)
59.4 x 84.1 cm (Framed)

"In this series of Giclée prints, I combine etching and photography to create landscapes and imaginary worlds. Yellow Rodinia and Red Continent are named after the ancient Supercontinents of Pangaea, which existed 300 million years ago. I like to question time and scale by leaving these images ​visually ambiguous. Some surfaces are taken from the printed backs for my etching plates, where I discovered unseen landscapes, others by capturing a tiny piece of road surface where the yellow line paint crumbling into the tarmac becomes an ancient continent eroding into the ancient ocean."


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