"Happy sailing"


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Product Type: Painting Artist:Sylvia Batycka

Product Description

Sylvia Batycka

MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art 2019

Oil on panel
210x120cm (unframed)

The largest painting in the group is my latest attempt during MFA course to push my practice further. I have constructed a more complex image than my previous decontextualized representations of subjects. The dress in the first plan represents the absent person (the artist?) according to my refusal of portraying women in domestic interiors in the spirit of second wave feminism (although the interior here is quite undefined, without any signifiers of being residential). In this under-described space, there is the image of a woman on the beach of an ambiguous character. The viewer can not be certain whether they are looking at the painting on the wall or at the window view. In the far distance the end of disappearing orange canoe can be spotted, as if from the realm of Peter Doig painting.

Please note that this painting is on panel and as such it does not require framing, particularly this image looks well as it is


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