Launched on 19th September 2018

We are very delighted to introduce you to our newest collection for the 18/19 academic year! This exciting new range of work features over 35 new and returning current students and recent graduates of University of the Arts London, featuring print, photography, illustration, fine art, sculpture, fashion and ceramics.

As always the collection was selected by a panel leading figures in the world of art and design, this time made up of:

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Artist Eva He. Sculpture of laughing buddha figure with four boobs, made out of plaster but sprayed in a warm silver copper paint. Three sit on a black surface for the product image

Yifan He

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Boobs Buddha

Postcard by Maria Than challenging the culture behind Black Friday sales

Maria Than

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Bunny Mellon by Andrea Vytlacilova. Giclee print of an ink drawing of a glamourous 20's style female figure in a hat surrounded by billowing clouds of pink.

Andrea Vytlačilová

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Bunny Mellon

Egor Buimister ink watercolour and pencil on paper illustration

Egors Buimisters

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Screen print cut and bent image appears to be of a grate or windows of a block of flats with a blue and yellow spiral shape in the center by artist Lisa Pettibone.

Lisa Pettibone

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Abstract painting in acrylic depicting a christmas tree formed of saggy boobs and limp penis's. Painted by Chih I Chen

Chih I Chen

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Artist's proof screen print of Clockwise by Lisa Pettibone

Lisa Pettibone

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Colony by Molly Brocklehurst. Oil painting on canvas based on a vintage photograph. The image shows a family walking down a beach side promenade with a pier int eh background.

Molly Brocklehurst

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Series of 5 ceramic cubes of varying dimensions, each of which have been manipulated using gestures recalling the 5 body memories: discomfort, constriction, frustration, disconnection and exhaustion, in response to the artists experiences of forced-handedness during her childhood in former East Germany.

Anke Buchmann

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Come Again?

Abstract portrait of yellow woman with purple and indigo hair painted on a pale blue background by Anges Moricz

Ágnes Móricz

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Wax sculpture of an imprint of the artists old jacket which was going to be thrown away, by James Sirrell

James Sirrell

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Deathmask #2

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