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Product Type: Fashion Artist:Amber Kim

Product Description

Amber Kim

BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear, London College of Fashion 2019

Wood, metal wire, long tent dress, tent jumpsuit and tent pole sandals
Height: 2m Width: 1.9m Depth: 0.6m

"Upcycled nylon tent garments are hung onto the frame, as an object not a piece of clothing, to remind the fact that they were once discarded at a festival. Each piece - a gown, a jumpsuit and a pair of sandals - demonstrates how waste materials were still usable for a variety of purposes and deserve a second chance."

Each garment is detachable and wearable. An additional installation fee: £150. Rental fee: £260 per day

Please be aware the artist is currently outside of the UK so there may be a delay in delivery. Contact if you have any queries regarding this artwork or the artist Amber Kim.


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