Eruption in Blue


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Product Type: Prints Artist:Christopher Pearson

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Christopher Pearson

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2019

Limited edition of giclée prints on Innova Soft Textured High White 315gsm paper
Edition of 12
50 x 50cm unframed

"I am particularly drawn to how this image has the potential to refer to a multiplicity of possible subject matter, from Earth as seen from afar to a microscopic view of a natural specimen, interrupted by digital glitches, fading auras of colour and varying points of focus.

‘Eruption in Blue’ is an image created during my exploration of photogrammetry technology as a means of 3D-scanning a series of my abstract, process-led sculptures. I ventured down this path in order to explore how these tactile masses may be transformed into the digital realm. This print depicts the ‘skin’ file for one of my aforementioned sculptures, containing the visual surface data for this three-dimensional object to be mapped by photogrammetry software on a two-dimensional monitor. These 'skin' files incorporate digital glitches and the ‘frozen gestures’ used to create each sculpture, resulting in a juxtaposition of materiality and machine."


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