Derelict Ring


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Product Type: Jewellery Artist:Mia Vilcins

Product Description

Mia Vilcins

BA Fashion Jewellery, London College of Fashion, 2023

Sterling Silver Jewellery
Unlimited, made on order
Approx. 21mm x 25mm x 4mm. Inner ring diameter approx. 16.2mm, equivalent to UK Size L

"Sterling silver ring in UK size L. A great gift to yourself or a loved one. Part of a collection of textured jewellery inspired by the movement of water, and the treasures found washed upon the shore. In the law of the sea, flotsam, jetsam, lagan, and derelict are terms of wreckage or items that have gone overboard, with different rulings of recovery. Derelict is cargo at the bottom of the ocean, that no one has any hope of reclaiming. Left, deserted, abandoned to the sea…"

Care instructions: It is recommended that you remove your jewellery when swimming, when using products or chemicals, and during situations that will put excessive strain on the jewellery. Sterling silver jewellery is best stored alone within a safe, dry place. Sterling silver can tarnish over time, especially when exposed to elements like chlorine, cleaning products, cosmetics, and other chemicals. To clean, rinse the item thoroughly in warm water, pat dry, and polish with a very soft cloth. For a heavy tarnish, silver jewellery can be taken to for professional cleaning to restore the original shine.
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