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Product Type: Sculpture Artist:Anita-Praise Nweke

Product Description

Anita-Praise Nweke

BA Fine Art – Chelsea College of Arts, 2023

Clay, Oil paint on can
Original, part of a series of works
9 x 9 x 8.1 cm

Please handle item with care.

"This piece was not made with the thought of my culture, as of lately, I have been yearning for my late grandma, her soul and personality I linked with the colours, she was bold and bright. I was thinking of a way to honor her and her memory. In Igbo land, masks were created for mmonwu (masquerades) representing the spirit of our ancestors."

This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.
Please note when ordering work that includes a display case, the delivery will take between one and two weeks.


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