Daisy Hat


Product Type: Fashion Artist:Marie Schaller

Product Description

Marie Schaller

MA Fashion Futures, London College of Fashion, 2021

Crochet hat, base on raw silk (or organic cotton if preferred) and up-cycled details for the personalised finishing
Unique pieces - unlimited edition
30/40 cm diameter

"Born from the leftover materials of my MA collection: An Activist Reality, that bucket hat was created during the second and third lockdown in London. A unique pattern was developed, strong enough to create a base for an upcycling collaborative project. Through that project, I would like to give you the occasion to purchase the same bucket hat, handmade and personalised with your personal creative waist which will be incorporated in the final pieces giving you a unique design."

Looking at the making process, we will start by deciding which of your items you can up-cycle and how to use it in the hat. Once the material has arrived (the price of the expedition will be to my charge up to 20£), two weeks will be needed for me to create and send the piece over to your address. Alternatively, in certain cases, I will be happy to propose some of my own wastes to help with the finishing of the hat.


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