Living Wheel


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Product Type: Illustration Artist:Marina Tasca

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Marina Tasca

MA Illustration – Camberwell College of Arts

Watercolor, color pencils, gouache, graphite on paper, 2021
29.7 cm x 42 cm (Unframed)

"Living Wheel is a drawing that informs and celebrates different forms of connection. Everything is interlinked and influences each other. As human beings we establish multiple connections in our daily life - with other people, with things and objects, animals, plants, our inner activities and imagination.

Connecting elements in a wheel of life, the drawing intends to make the nets and signs that forms a existence to come together and become visible. This work was also published as an illustration for an independent magazine called 'WIR', from Basel, Switzerland. The project was developed by ten young artists and gathered works to discuss the theme 'us' - 'wir', in german."



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