Stella Kapezanou

Stella KapezanouStella Kapezanou

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2017

Stella aims through her work to capture the outwards projections of people in our modern society and highlight the emotional disconnect we have from the world that we have created and now have to live in. She is curious about what are considered as the "everyday" habits of people living in capitalistic and material western societies, such as the way that people interact and relate to each other, the common interest they share or the social habits that connect them. Through the results she wants to develop a critical approach to the beliefs and convictions of these societies.

Intrigued by subjects that are not considered high art but are instead ordinary, in that they are common to the viewers eye, Stella is interested in the images of everyday life. She aims to capture the world that she perceives, not necessarily that which everyone else might see, to create compositions that exist in the present tense.

Stella achieves all this by create playgrounds of fakeness on the canvas. Any attachment to naturalness is unimportant and so often her colours turn boldly electric, skies are the ideal sky, green grass is a perfect stand-in for all lawns. She frequently uses backgrounds that look like wallpapers, remind of decorum, a very old value in classical art, where things are proportionate and balanced. Applied with her loud and bold colour choices this gives the impression of superficial, fashionable, affordable, pop, much like the world that her subjects inhabit. With these artificial decorative elements her work achieves a synthetic, illusionary composition, where the definition of foreground and background and what is truly important in the painting becomes confused.

Awards and residencies:

Clyde & Co Emerging Star Award, 2017; The Solo Show (shortlisted) 2017; The Frank Bowling Scholarship, 2017; Motoroil Hellas Scholarship, 2016; Goethe-Institute Bonn Scholarship for academic exchange, 2014; Munich Academy of Fine Arts Scholarship for academic exchange, 2013


"I want to capture the emotional states of people who seem disconnected from their surroundings, who look to be defined by their outward characteristics, for example the expression of personality, and not the soul. I also wish to capture the temporariness, decay and mortality of human beings."



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