Yifan He

Yifan HeYifan He

BA Sculpture, Camberwell College of Arts 2020

The laughing Buddha appears as a metaphor of contentment and abundance, universally recognised by both the Eastern and Western worlds. Inspired by the duality in gender and the divinity of the Buddha body Yifan has taken this culturally symbolic image and laden it with a dozen breasts, causing the viewer to question their ability to locate the core of a single culture in this globally recognised figure.

By enhancing the femininity of the Buddha in a humorous way Yifan hopes to address the cultural appropriation of religious symbols of the far east, and prompt her viewers to question the products of the colonialised mixing pot.

Awards and residencies:

GAMMA Young Artists Competition, Semi-finalist 2018


"I fancy the casualty and imperfection plaster brings to this “perfected” body."



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