Aasiya Zeenat Merali

Aasiya Zeenat Merali Aasiya Zeenat Merali

BA Fine Art – Chelsea College of Arts, 2022

Aasiya am a visual artist currently based in London and is studying BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. Aasiya has always been interested in telling stories and exploring relationships through their work, which is a product of the artists emotional process. With a special interest in the communication of love speech and the subtleties within this as well as famous love stories and how these relate to the modern day. These are reflected and made sense through a stereotypical feminine lens.

Aasiya's artwork usually stems from poetry they have written. These pieces are often addressed to someone, so the work is a sort of open letter. The line between writer and receiver is a little blurry and the viewer can see themselves as either, both or none — making everyone’s individual experience of the pieces unique.

At the moment, Aasiya is expressing their exploration of love and love speech through painting and mixed media drawings and is playing with surrealist still life imagery in an attempt to create an atmosphere around my words. I want each piece to tell a story and I want the viewer to be able to find their own narrative within the canvas.


Instagram: @aasiyazeenat


"I use oil paint because there are so many ways to paint with it and the handling of the medium can change the outcome of a piece massively. I love using bright and feminine colours within my work and oil paints are allow me to achieve strong and vibrant tones."



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