Adriana Krawcewicz

Portrait of MiAL Artist Adriana KrawcewiczAdriana Krawcewicz

BA Fashion Illustration, London College of Fashion 2014

Adriana Krawcewicz is a vivid fashion illustrator and singer songwriter, always pushing herself to discovery of innovative forms of illustration, music and moving image. Adriana believes that Fashion Illustration is a powerful media where many emotions can be transferred with colours and bring out the artist’s personality; that is she is trying to constantly achieve and does not limit herself with use of media. Mostly however she mixes her traditional drawing skills with digital media.

She has interned at Hunger Magazine, as art director at Fashion Mode agency, assisted as print designer, art directs her illustrated street style blog 'The Line Hunter' inspired by London Fashion Week.

Publications and exhibitions:

Computer Arts (UK), Dash Magazine, Eternal London College Of Fashion Graduate show curated by David Downton.


"I am a traditionally trained artist, but I have always been mixing it with digital media. I am fascinated by the fact that very diverse mediums can be blended into one thanks to Photoshop and other digital sources."



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