Ágnes Móricz

Ágnes MóriczÁgnes Móricz

BA Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories: Product Design and Innovation, London College of Fashion 2021

Ágnes' work is inspired by personal experiences and relationships, presented through high energy, expressive brushstrokes and colours representative of emotions. She uses her practice as a way of processing her thoughts and feelings, referring to her finished compositions as "small confessions" to her viewer.

Ágnes' is mostly self taught, initially using low cost and readily available materials to develop her skills when she was younger. Now acrylic is her main medium, as it has a drying speed which allows her to work expressively with fast heavy strokes across the canvas. She enjoys mixing this with markers and spray paints, reacting physically as well as aesthetically to her mood and inspiration.

Awards and residencies:

​Drawfashion Cass Art Competition, finalist, 2018


"For me these are small confessions for the people and things that I love in life. I use painting as therapy to learn to express my emotions better and try to understand myself and my own thoughts and feelings."



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