Alejandro Escobar

Portrait of MiAL Artist Alejandro EscobarAlejandro Escobar

MA Fine Art Digital, Camberwell College of Arts 2017

Alejandro’s work is primarily concerned with the moment that people began using computers for designing purposes, and how this affects us. Alejandro is interested in the fact that the world is crowded with things that were created inside a hard drive, but that people have also used digital devices for their own benefit to push the boundaries of what can be created within the virtual world.

One of the main influences on his work is the fact that people are detaching themselves from nature. Having spent most of his life not living in major cities, Alejandro considers himself an outsider, and therefore able to see from a different perspective how people from the city relate to natural environments.

To capture this balance between the digital and physical world, Alejandro uses oil paint with digitally designed canvases. By using this technique he can create a physical manifestation created in a digital world, drawing the viewers’ attention to the conflict between natural and digital.

Alejandro hopes that his work will encourage people to book a trip away into the countryside, or to re-visit a place that is special to them in order to reconnect with nature and leave the digital world behind even if for a short time.


Awards and residencies:

Selection for XIX Hyperreality Biennale 2014, Second place, self-taught category at Antioquia´s Visual Arts Salon 2010.




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