Aleksandr Tishkov

Portrait of MiAL Artist Aleksandr TishkovAleksandr Tishkov

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2018

Aleksandr’s work is concerned with the investigation of the identity of human being and its multidimensionality. He is interested in the duality of human activity and how it can be interpreted through different dimensional perspectives such as body and spirit, reality and dream, consciousness and subconscious.

Aleksandr’s passion is to work with objects, surfaces and colours, and with their further collaboration and interconnection into new dimensional approaches. His idea is to unify architectural objects with painting through the joint format of photography. Through this synthesis he shows the ability of everything in our world to be capable to transition from one dimensional state of being to another one.

Awards and Nominations:

Young Painter Prize 2015 finalist / Vilnius 2015, One-year study scholarship in Central Saint Martins / Cultural Endowment of Estonia 2016.


"The concept of identity is the multidimensional complex of facts and aspects that constitute our shell of body and spirit. We exist in the limited boundaries of our bodies and the endless space of our spirits. I believe that for a more holistic representation of oneself and society in general, it is important to be able to observe from different dimensional perspectives." 





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