Alice Aires

Portrait of MiAL Artist Alice AiresAlice Aires

BA Animation, London College of Communication 2016


Alice’s piece ‘Bloom’ is a film inspired by human evolution, birth and connection. The piece uses projected animation to portray the way energy runs through our bodies and from one body to another, creating chains of connection which are represented here as Mandalas made with the human form.

When Alice made the piece she found that she followed a very experimental process, this was in part due to the fact that she wasn’t looking for a specific final result but simply developed the work as she made discoveries about the process. Alice enjoys working with sound and image as she likes the fact that it appeals to more of our sense and requires more of our attention.

Alice hopes that by experiencing her work, her audience are able to take a step back from their busy lives and simply enjoy the piece. The piece aims to have a calming effect, allowing for self-awareness and reflection.





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