Altea Grau Vidal

Portrait of MiAL Artist Altea Grau VidalAltea Grau Vidal

MA Book Arts, Camberwell College of Arts 2014, PHD CCW 2016

‘Mirrors and Windows’ is an on-going project by Altea that she started during a residency in July 2015 at Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, a studio based in an old lookout tower facing the North Sea. This body of work includes photographs taken during this residency and explore the concepts of mirroring and duality. By evoking textures, images and dissimilarity, Altea’s work opens a dialog between landscape and language, history and time.

Currently completeing a PHD, a key element of Altea’s research is in exploring the page and in particular the double page spread as a material support and as a discursive space for visual ideas within an exhibition context. Altea is constantly experimenting with different ideas and concepts, opening up new enquiries within her work. Through her work, Altea hopes to engage with audience by stimulating the viewer’s perception and inviting them to take part and complete the piece of work with their own history, knowledge and experience.

In her work, Altea combines printmaking, drawing, light and installation. Within her print work she uses techniques such as incisions, cuts, alterations and repetition, which are inspired by concepts such as echos, reflections and mirroring.


Awards and residencies:

FigBilbao 2015 (shortlisted), International Printmaking Contest Jesús Núñez, 2014 (shortlisted), Dávalos Fletcher Scholarship for Spanish Emerging Artists 2014, Rector’s Scholarship- UAL 2014, Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship, 2013. I’ve realised different residencies at Seacourt Print Workshop, Alfara Gráfica, Aldeburgh Beach Lookout and Portland Quarry Trust.



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