Amanda Lavis

Amanda LavisAmanda Lavis

MA Visual Arts: Illustration – Camberwell College of Art, 2020

Amanda Lavis is a practice-based PhD researcher at Cambridge School of Art. She holds an MA in Visual Arts: Illustration (Distinction) from the University of the Arts London, and a first class BA (Hons) degree in Illustration and Visual Communication from the University of Westminster. Her field is primarily situated in children’s illustration, with diverse interests in craft and textiles influencing her work. Amanda works in a bricolage of materials; each having its own narrative contribution.

In this series of works, the intention is to expand children’s illustration beyond the pages of a book, and allow the walls of our homes to become a canvas for the narrative, creating immersive stories in our spaces, piquing imagination. Amanda’s two children inspire her with humour and a sense of fun, while her own childhood memories allude to being captivated by the magic of reading. Her experiences of poor mental health have directed the purposes of her practice to communicating positivity and happiness in a resolve counter to these circumstances and contribute to the joyful experiences of others. Following her love of materials, her current research concerns the notion of a woven language as a vehicle for haptic visuals to nurture and educate children in making, mending and promoting the emotional, material and environmental value of artefacts.

Instagram: @illustrationbyamanda


"IThrough illustration and the suspension of disbelief, I would like to bring rapture of imagination different spaces."



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