Amber Young

Amber YoungAmber Young

BA Fashion Textiles: Embroidery, London College of Fashion 2018

Amber's work is personal escapism, a slow moving craft which allows her a departure from the stresses and monotony of daily life through memories and nostalgia.

Starting out as illustrations, Amber's embroideries are inspired by her favourite things from childhood and her current life today; this can span from childrens party bags at the turn of the millenium, through to Lewisham market stalls and chicken shops. She uses this imagery in contrast with luxurious embellishments- goldwork, pearls and crystals- which adds a layer of subversion to the works when viewing the craft from a historic perspective. The result is playful, humorous, wearable illustrations where each stitch or bead acts in place of a crayon mark or brush stroke.


"I hope that they will notice and appreciate the craft behind the pieces, but also see fashion in a more playful way. The accessories are not to be taken seriously "



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