Andrea Capello

Andrea CapelloAndrea Capello

BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography – London College of Communication, 2019

Andrea’s photographic practice explores interesting aspects of culture and society. He is always in search of stories that represent the importance of diversity and tradition within our society. In an ever-changing world, where we increasingly interact digitally rather than physically, culture remain a constant; it brings people together and reminds them of the past, creating a strong sense of togetherness.

Andrea’s latest project, ‘The Legend of Violetta’, is a documentation of one of the oldest carnival celebrations in Italy, the historical Carnival of Ivrea. The carnival is a unique event in which history and legend intertwine, giving life to a popular civic festival with strong symbolic value. The community of Ivrea celebrates its capacity for self-determination by recalling an episode of liberation from the tyranny of medieval memory. In photographing this event, Andrea intends to showcase part of his own culture and empathises with how, despite political and economic problems, an old tradition helps an entire community create a passionate sense of belonging.

‘The Battle of the Oranges’ photographs were taken during the last carnival celebration in March 2019, whilst Andrea was documenting the history, life, and passions of the townspeople.

Awards and residencies:

Shortlisted for the UAL art collection, July 2019.



"I enjoy discovering unique and unseen stories [to] let people see something new and interesting."



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