Andrea Vytlačilová

Portrait of MiAL Artist Andrea VytlacilovaAndrea Vytlačilová

BA Fashion Print, Central Saint Martins 2020

Alongside her Fashion Print studies at Central Saint Martins Andrea is also a keen and active illustrator.

Her three women, three graces, comes from an on-going women focussed series. Each illustration has an individual story, but all have the the common thread of a focus on the feminine running through.

Coming from Eastern Bohemia, a Slavic country, there is also a large influence from the folk traditions, pagan legends, symbolism, dreams and medieval artistry woven into Andrea's illustrations; juxtaposed against a scientific attention to detail inherited from her immediate family.

Working in a very fluid and exploratory fashion, starting with countless investigative drawings, Andrea eventually collates her research and begins to manipulate her work both digitally and manually, playing with colour and texture. Her eventual aim through her artwork is for the viewer to feel blissfully happy, for her illustrations to immerse other people's homes and become a part of them. The fashion designer in her still holds the aesthetic of her work as important, but the strongest elements of her work are the atmosphere and emotions that her works invoke.


"My work is about wordless emotional communication - full of symbols, links and leads. I feel like we tend to forget that communication is not just literal, it is also nonverbal, something we don’t necessarily see when typing in a short message on Facebook albeit adding a “winky face” at the end…" 





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