Andrew Illman

Portrait of MiAL Artist Andrew IllmanAndrew Illman

BA Textiles, Chelsea College of Art 2016

Having specialised in digital print textiles, the cross over between the analogue and the digital has always driven Andrews work. By taking motion capture hardware, hacking it and then pairing it with the natural movements of a dancer he has created an unpredictable series of prints.It is this unpredictability which continues to push Andrew's research in new and dynamic ways.

Andrew’s current collection of work, Delta V, is one third of a continuing three volume research project which studies how digital materials can interact and be influenced by movement. Working within the fashion and textiles industry industry, which is infamous for its huge consumer market and often high waste production, Andrew is constantly trying to orientate his work around a meaningful design framework. By interacting with the wearer and enhancing their daily experience, his digitally responsive textiles have a lasting function beyond being worn.


"I would hope that viewers will be able to see the sense of motion within the prints and to acknowledge the elegant form of movement." 





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