Anita-Praise Nweke

Anita-Praise NwekeAnita-Praise Nweke

BA Fine Art – Chelsea College of Arts, 2023

Art is a form of escapism. Anita-Praise Nweke uses her artistic flair to paint her reality, experiences and memories. She states, ‘As she grows art changes for me, what was once a source of distraction for me is now like a form of language, a form of expression, and interpretation of the environment I experience and how I view the world. It’s a way to ask questions such as Who am I? Such an abstract, complex question with a variety of answers.’

Nweke’s studio practice explores her identity and what role being a cultural hybrid plays in the journey of finding herself. Nweke’s artwork are a reflective journey into uncovering/searching who she is and where she belongs as someone with dual cultures and identity. Nweke’s art works are a variety of parts of the story, message and answers to her questions that make a whole. Similarly, to that of her identity different factors come together to make a whole, to make who she is, parts that form her identity.


Instagram: @a_pn_art


"I aspire to create work that others can relate to, art that makes people think and question not only about the artwork, but about themselves, their life and reality. As well as exude joy."


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