Anja Sušanj

Portrait of MiAL Artist Anja SušanjAnja Sušanj

MA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Being a collector of enamel pins Anja feels that she has found the perfect vessel to make her prints and illustrations both desirable and functional, appealing to her pragmatic side. Pins have also proven to provide a welcome challenge to Anja's way of working; the reduced scale challenges her to make decisions on the level of detail she can include, focussing on only certain features of the design.

The illustration of the crow is inspired by the bird Murakami from The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Animals with human bodies have always held a fascination with Anja, particularly the way that they evoke a surreal curiosity with their combination of sinister interpretations and suggestion of wisdom. The crow in particular is one of Anja's favorite birds, referring to grit and determination with the fire in its heart,something she strives for as an artist and creative.



"I love how pins are, essentially, portable illustrations and how they can showcase the intricate themes in one’s work but also be useful and functional!" 





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