Anna Biesuz

Portrait of MiAL Artist Anna BiesuzAnna Biesuz

MA Drawing, Wimbledon College of Arts 2017

Anna's work explores the internal experiences of the body, expressing this through drawing, writing and printing. She feels that through our body language we show the physical materialisation of our emotions using gestures and movements.

Moreover, Anna's practice reflects the meaning of human interactions. She believes that every motion we make with our body is a communication of our desire for intimacy, this longing for contact is projected through sexuality as well, but rather than interpreting this as a mere instinct to procreate, this should be recognised as a reflection of the human yearning for empathy and sharing.

This representation of human sensuality aims to compliment a rise in the current emancipating culture we are experiencing as a society; encouraging people to experiment and determine their own pleasure free from the hegemonic imagery that we are all too often directed towards.

Awards and residencies:

“New Perspectives” exhibition at Centre for Recent Drawing, London, June 2017; “Same Difference” exhibition at Artspace, Cass Art in Kingston, February 2017; Outsider Art Exhibition at Candid Gallery in Angel, London, February 2017; solo exhibition organized by Arcilesbica Zami Milano, Milan, June 2016; solo exhibition called “LesboErotismo” at Studio d’Arte Andromeda in Trient, May 2015; "RSA Open Exhibition of Art 2017" in Edinburgh, July - October 2017; "Prologue 1, Venice International Performance Art Week" Co-Creation Live Factory in Venice, Italy, December 2017; "Beyond Boundaries" exhibition at Espacio gallery, London, Decemeber 2017


"I hope my practice will encourage the audience to question and reflect on their living bodies and the way they experience carnality as well as mortality." 





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