Aphra Lupita O’Connor

Portrait of MiAL Artist Aphra Lupita O’ConnorAphra Lupita O’Connor

BA Sculpture, Wimbledon College of Art 2016

Aphra uses sculpture and print works to investigate the forms and functions in British industry. By re-using and deconstruct objects found on industrial sites, and creating abstract forms with them she aims to appreciate and record the industries we have left, as well as documenting the decline of those we are losing.

Previous collections of work have seen Aphra move fluidly between fine art, design and industry, exploring support relationships and colour. Her Sculpture in the Home series looks at the ideals of 1950’s industrial post-war Britain and challenged the way that design objects are viewed in the gallery setting. Her interest in reclaiming and using found objects then led to an investigation of the decommissioned Steel works in Redcar, producing a series of prints inspired by the remaining skeleton of the industrial building.

Aphra’s most recent works, the Parkol Marine series, documents the progress of the new vessel being built at the site, and follows it through the stages of completion. The sculptures use the remnants from the building process and recycle them into works, using clay for the first time to record the indentations of found objects.


"I want the objects to be seen out of the context of the site as a way of re-valuing them and altering their use. I want the pieces to demonstrate how important design in industry is, and I would like just one person to look at a bit of rope and consider how interesting the shape of it is." 





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