Camila Gonzalez Corea

Camila Gonzalez CoreaCamila Gonzalez Corea

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2018

While writing her Masters dissertation exploring contemporary feminist topics Camila came across alot of writing that discussed feminist cyber activism, as well as the impact these cyber spaces have on modern feminism. A topic which came up repeatedly and particularly caught her interest was the discussion around the suppression of the female nipple on social media platforms, most notably Instagram.

As a response to this Camila created @thenippleacttt, an Instagram account which turns photos of breasts into images consisting purely of emoji's. Whereas an immediate photograph featuring a female nipple would be removed by Instagram almost immediately, the emoji images are harder to detect and so are not immediately banned from the platform. The account also returns immediately under the same name once it is banned, with repeated letters on the end of the url.

The project is an act of protest against a social construct which exclusively suppresses women, using an organ which appears on all bodies, irrelevant of gender. Camila's aim is that her work will draw attention not only to this injustice, but also to make them question other cases of suppression in our society.


"I see this project as organising a protest in the streets. The difference being that the resistance exists within the digital platform. With any other protest the aim is to bring the problem to the public eye, as well as creating discussion around the topic"



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