Caroline Streatfield

Caroline StreatfieldCaroline Streatfield

MA Painting – Wimbledon College of Arts, 2019


Caroline’s research is an investigation into how memory is transmitted from one generation to the next via storytelling, and how these narratives are retold. In creating a dialogue between past and present, Caroline hopes to reveal the human condition across time.

“I’m interested in how we remember fragments of time and why certain memories remain crystal clear in our minds, like they happened yesterday, and other moments we can hardly recall; it’s as if they never happened.”

In this series, Caroline has focused on personal and collective memories and how her experiences, as the child of an immigrant, compare to the collective experiences of other immigrants.

Using the folk costume of Slovakia as a metaphor to represent the Communist ideal of utopia, Caroline demonstrates the nostalgia of a time where, on the surface, everything was glossed over yet underneath felt incredibly dystopic.


Awards and residencies:

Ingram Purchase Prize finalist 2019; OpenHand OpenSpace Member artist 2019; recipient of the Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust Award, 2018; shortlisted for the National Open Art prize, 2019.


"Drawing on themes from the former Czechoslovakia and surrounding countries, my work is an exploration of narratives – whether truthfully told or embellished – [that are] handed down from generation to generation."



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