Charlie Russell

Charlie RussellCharlie Russell

BA Fine Art Painting – Camberwell College of Arts, 2023

Reflecting on experiences growing up in social housing has led Charlie to produce works which seek to uncover narratives and events within the home, specifically amongst the working-class.

Charlie uses raw materials such as sand, wax and marble powder to mirror her surroundings growing up on housing estates with misplaced ideals and incompleteness. Taking inspiration from artists such as Ida Ekblad, Jiro Takamatsu and Bram Bogart's exploration of material possibilities and manipulation, Charlie explores tactility as a form of communication.

There’s a sense of urgency to acknowledge the subjects and topics within Charlie’s works and an invitation into their homes, blurring the lines between familiarity and hostility, where domesticity meets claustrophobia.

Charlie is interested in how we adapt to our surroundings and exhibits this through hazy digitally manipulated images of raw materials, her own artworks, and domestic settings. She also explores consumer desires through fabric, patterns and possessions as indicators of wealth.


Awards and residencies:

UAL Creative Enterprise Awards finalist, 2021


Instagram: @charlierussellart

"I want my work to bring awareness to class imbalances, specifically in London where my work is focussed and where I’ve grown up and the impacts of commodifying and fetishising working class culture."


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