Chih I Chen

Chih I ChenChih I Chen

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2018

Chih's work explores our desire to extend ourselves and our extension of desire, primarily through imagery relating to the male and female anatomy.

By representing penis and breasts contorted, layered and knotted in extreme and abstract ways Chih's work tackles subjects such as body dismorphia and our desire to be bigger, better; sexual desire and the imbalance between the genders all of which weigh down, distract and impress upon us in the modern age.

Ultimately Chih hopes to face these issues with an element of humour. This tongue in cheek approach enables the viewer to engage with these issues in a fun and playful way.

Awards and residencies:

CASS Art Prize, UAL Degree Show 2018


"Everyone wants more.
Someone shows their desire, someone hides.
Desire is a thing that never goes away. But is a dream come true ever enough?"



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