Chloe Bowman

Chloe BowmanChloe Bowman

MA Photography, London College of Communication 2017

Having worked in the exotic animal industry for several years, Chloe has spent alot of time observing a wide variety of lizards and insects, developing a personal perception of the creatures she works with. Through her art Chloe aims to change those perceptions.

Using predominantly exoskeletons to create intriguingly ambiguous, highly detailed images, Chloe seeks to take familiar animals and make them unfamiliar, challenging the viewer.

The works are preoccupied with the notion of the in-between; the re-purposing of animals in taxidermy or material items has a stage before the final product, where the animal is hung in the balance of its former life and its metamorphosis into a new life.


"Arthropods are ‘others’; the human cannot gauge or predict their behaviour. Humans have always feared what they don’t understand, and don’t want to touch what is not aesthetically pleasing. We feel comfort in the familiar and find it easier to have compassion for animals that resemble us in some way."



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