Chloe Looi Ai Wei

Chloe Looi Ai WeiChloe Looi Ai Wei

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2019

Taking her inspiration from story books, folklore tales and manga, Chloe Looi's compositions are depictions of different forms of living through transformative and free flowing narratives. Her current collection of work with MiAL shows her characters bodies being vapourised in various scenarios, with their consciousness being absorbed into the environment. The imagery holds ideas of escapism and our collective desire as people to unravel ourselves from our own reality.

Chloe Looi uses paint markers on transparent acrylic to display the transparent truth of our being. The way that the colours pop against the varying surfaces the transparent acrylic is placed on adds to her concept of being absorbed into our environments.


"Even if we are different people, we may experience similar things in our own everyday lives and we have come to terms that we are all looking for a form of escapism"



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