Christopher Pearson

Christopher PearsonChristopher Pearson

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2019

Christopher's current work represented by MiAL is from a series called Metallic Gestures, a body of work which seeks to echo the bodily actions and impulsive gestures of what is a predominantly sculpture-based practice. Christopher has used printmaking to subvert the spontaneity of his sculptures through the reproduction opportunities that printing offers.

Christopher aims to establish a dialogue between the unending movement, change and instantaneous nature of real time and the contrastingly frozen gestures of his carborundum embossings. Using the monochromatic sheen of silver and copper in the chine-collé, he reflects and distorts the viewer and their surrounding environment.

Awards and residencies:

Central Saint Martins and Tokyo University of the Arts Global Arts Practice GAP Collaboration 2018; Arebyte Gallery Residency, 2018; The School of Design Prize, University of Leeds, July 2017


"I aim to advance my ongoing fascination with the instinctively gestural language through which we navigate the material world and our social bonds with one another...I hope that my work resonates with themes including the relationships between control and chaos, contemplation and spontaneity, and action and outcome"



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