Claire McDermott

Claire Mc DermottClaire Mc Dermott

MA Art and Science – Central Saint Martins, 2020

Claire has exhibited nationally and internationally, primarily as a sculptor but also through exploring the many forms of visual communication. Her artwork is inspired by observations on spent plants for their individuality, unpredictability, and asymmetrical contours. She is intrigued by the sculptural structure of the spent flower as it starts to abstract its own self. Recently her artwork has been exploring the journey of Symphyotrichum ericoides’ seed (common name Michaelmas daisy) through wind dispersal. This includes the nature of space, the solar system, the aurora, turbulence, air flow, snow, and hailstone nucleation.

The intention of the artwork is to probe at the physics of botany that Claire finds so intriguing, drawing in elements of the natural sciences and interweaving these disciplines into paintings, screen prints, drawings, photograph and sculpture. Seeds have evolved with a sense that they should not compete with their mother plant for her light, water, and nutrients. They have adapted the shapes of their bodies to sail as far away from her as possible, which could be as far afield as to another country. Claire is captivated by the fact that a seed, which holds new life, is dispersed from a plant that is alive, yet the hormones have shut down the flower head. Coupled with this, she explores different meanings of the word ‘spent’.

Due to her interest in the natural sciences Claire stepped out of her field of practice to approach the subject of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). She found that it was a preventable disease and the key words used when referring to atherosclerosis were obstructive. The sculpture entitled ‘Slate Sleeve’ visually clarifies that balancing a good diet and regular exercise is needed.

Awards and residencies:

Awarded funding from the University of the Arts London’s Students’ Union for Art Crit 2019, Tate Exchange; residency at Joya: AiR – collaborated with Studio-Lab of Art & Science (SLoAS) to explore the physical, psychological, and virtual concepts of the use of technology.


Instagram: @dermottclairemc


"I strive to make original work and hope that my curiosity and ideas can create a visual communication. I hope that the viewer can engage with my work and connect with the concept behind its ideology.”



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