Claire McDermott

Claire McDermottClaire McDermott

MA Art and Science – Central Saint Martins, 2020

Claire has exhibited nationally and internationally, primarily as a sculptor but also with her paintings, screen prints, drawings and photographs. From visualising a thought for an artwork, she starts with choosing the material and uses tradition skills to construct the sculptures. From her researches she combines items that become key elements, creating connections to the original concept. The function or names of an item can also be interwoven, ultimately building the on the sculpture’s identity as it evolves.

The natural sciences are her core interest, primarily on spent flowers. From her concerns for the ecology of plants her outlook has broadened to include the environment we live in. The sculpture Comfy was created to draw attention to the widespread use of non-porous material such as Tarmac and concrete to create our pathways, for courts and car parks, thereby sealing up land leading to seasonal flooding. In addition to this, the paving of front gardens without using flower boarders is adding to this dilemma.The tree guard has been placed on the paving bricks to highlight the long term effect of preventing rainwater from soaking into the earth.

The visual thinking processes that produces a starting point for an idea creates an openness rather than a solution.In the Balance series Claire was asked to research Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) where she approached this condition with a view to connecting the human behind the patient. The intention was to express that this preventable disease can be slowed or stopped if a good diet and regular exercise is adopted.


Instagram: @dermottclairemc


"I strive to make original work and hope that my curiosity and ideas can create a visual communication. I hope that the viewer can engage with my work and connect with the concept behind its ideology.”



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