Corn Ho Shuk Mei

Portrait of MiAL Artist Corn Ho Shuk MeiCorn Ho Shuk Mei

MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Arts 2016

Corn specialises in oil painting but also presents her personal thoughts in a lively and symbolist way through diverse media including film, installation and photography. Her beautiful layered paintings capture real and imagined landscapes, memories and the atmospheres of highly personal moments. She is fascinated by the idea that each of us has an ‘innermost world’ that we can retreat to and in order to develop the 'Landcape-Memory' seris she interviewed people about their most personal experiences, and then reflected these into the paintings. As a result the pieces began to depict each person’s innermost thoughts and feelings as the interviews delved deeper into their personal experiences. This process of the interview also resembles the nature of oil painting, and building the overall result up layer by layer. Corn also enjoys working with oil paint as she feels that the translucent layers have associations with human existence such as skin, body structure and psychological layers.


"The painting is a kind of combination between interviewee and myself, although it will appear more about the story line the interviewees told me, I add hidden symbols and colours help to express complex emotions."



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