Dan Gombos

Portrait of MiAL Artist Dan GombosDan Gombos

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2018

Dan’s work comes from a project that occurred in response to an anti-discrimination campaign. The photographic pieces celebrate diversity and the unique nature of every individual born on this planet regardless of sexual orientation, gender and identity.

This work also takes inspiration from the natural world and from the idea that the blossom of flowering plants are representative of reproductive organs. Every blossom is unique, thereby drawing a parallel to the human life. Each piece plays with the idea of natural and artificial worlds, hinting at the fact that gender and identity concepts are solely created by our minds and not indicated by nature.

The graphic visuals hint at another concept from nature, spectral colours. To Dan, spectral colours represent uniqueness, diversity and integration as whole: every colour is unique, yet each blends in with their neighbouring colours and together create the visual experience of light.


“I hope that people are inspired and moved by subtle messages that I try to put into every artwork; and eventually perceive the world that surrounds us with more awareness and beauty.”



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