Daniela Monasterios Tan

Portraif of MiAL Artist Daniela Monasterios TanDaniela Monasterios Tan

MA Fashion Curation, London College of Fashion 2017

It is Daniela’s Bolivian and Singaporean bi-cultural heritage, and the physical and emotional journeys she has experienced, which have led her to express a curiosity and wonder of the world through textiles.The idea of collecting memories and characters is a running thread in Daniela’s work, her inspiration comes from travel or through researching history, stories and places that catch her imagination and resonate.

Some of Daniela’s embroidered pieces are created whilst she is physically on the move evoking the inspiration of travel, whereas others look at intangible travelling; such as through time and space. Other pieces were inspired directly from home relics, such as family photographs of Bolivian carnivals.

Daniela’s work takes inspiration from lots of different sources including the history of women using textile crafts as a way of communication and self-expression. The colours she uses come from her love of folk art, and she is also inspired by the way the Surrealist and Dadaists movements decontextualized objects in humorous yet unsettling ways.

Daniela hopes that her embroideries transport her audiences elsewhere, through visual association or though the materiality of the textiles.


“I am inspired by the simplicity of my medium and its social associations with craft and femininity. Historically, the finesse and intricacy of embroidery was a reflection of a woman’s character and her patience. This is something I like to explore and challenge through the use of bold colour, subject choice and reckless stitching.”



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