Dasy Lee

Portrait of MiAL Artist Dasy LeeDasy Lee

MA Visual Arts: Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2018


Dasy’s inspiration for her work comes from her own thoughts and discussions about social observations and self-awareness.

Her pieces are a way of expressing her own thoughts and feelings on how she interacts with the world and those around her. She does not expect her audience to understand everything that she is trying to express through her work, as each piece is a personal reflection on how she sees the world. In each of her pieces Dasy is drawing elements of who she is, and hopes that within this people see a bit of who they are.

Each of her pieces aims to make people reflect on who we are as a member of society. Dasy likes to find inspiration in her daily life; this is inspired by the belief that art is everywhere. Dasy will see stones, pavements, puddles and junk as natural and interesting elements that she works into her illustrations. With each piece she tries to bring a playful and enjoyable emotions to things that we see everyday.



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