Dimitri François Yin

Portarit of MiAL Artist Dimitri François YinDimitri François Yin

MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art 2016

Dimitri’s sculptures explore the interrelationship between form and media as some kind of divination that helps one to connect with life, the universe. He currently uses metal, clay and wood and is looking towards stone, for their unique properties; a way of giving and pushing back that he sees as reminding you of your own strength and weakness and that helps emotionally and intellectually.

Dimitri aims to develop a fluency in his work that makes it emblematic of positive growth and change in society. He also explores sustainability and his hunt for personal and professional harmony. He hopes to not only evoke a revitalizing rush in the viewer but also to inspire them to make their own artwork.


“I hope that the work I produce these next two years will lay the foundation for something explosive.”

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