Ebony Francis

Ebony FrancisEbony Francis

MA Photography, Central Saint Martins 2017

With a background in anthropology as well as art and a deep interest in the body politic and practice in photographic collage, Ebony produces prints that often mix people, things and places. Animals and plants are often used as metaphors for people or issue's that affect the body, society or to highlight political structures which effect either society or the environment.

Having spent a lot of time travelling, it has become customary for Ebony to collect the business cards of people she is meeting for the first time. It is this collection of cards that has informed Ebony's current collection of work with MiAL. Using the business cards to build collages which use the human body, animals and nature as metaphors for politics and society. Ebony is drawn to the tactility of photo montage and the combination of the sense of permanence brought by the presence of the photographic process against the process of compiling the composition and the human body which the work is representing.


"A sense of intimacy that is usually hidden, an exposure of myself as all of my work is a representation of my own wider body politic or sense of self in both direct and indirect ways."



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