Ekaterina Koroleva

Ekaterina KorolevaEkaterina Koroleva

BA Illustration and Visual Media, London College of Communication 2019

Being a curious person by nature, Ekaterina's inspiration comes from a wide range of sources, including nature, mythologies and imagined worlds. She fell in love with printmaking while on her Foundation course, and continued to explore this practice into her BA.

Starting with her animals, Ekaterina enjoyed creating the original ink drawings of these so much that she expanded the collection and started to reproduce them as screen prints. Her exploration of ink drawing continued with experiments made through life drawing classes and printmaking sessions in which she was challenegd to come up with and alter-ego for herself. Each of these went on to be extended through printmaking processes.

Ekaterina still feels that she is at the beginning of her creative journey, but what is clear from her current practice is her interest in storytelling.


"I hope that the audience will be entertained and smile while looking at my work. I generally avoid heavy topics and just want to create some quirky works that tell a story."



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