Elizabeth Lamle

Elizabeth LamleElizabeth Lamle

BA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Arts 2016

Elizabeth considers her art as a conversation with Northern Europe and Symbolist figurative painting, with influences from late 70's and 80's American art. She is also inspired by fashion photography and the trend in the industry of portraying women as powerful, self-possessed icons.

Much of Elizabeth's work begins as collage and ends in oil paints, as she loves the diversity, translucency and texture of oils, describing it as a versatile medium that will allow her to achieve anything.

Elizabeth hopes that by challenging traditional aesthetics with contemporary modernist thought and design she will start a conversation between the old and the new, creating something familiar but unusual.


Awards and residencies:

Shortlisted for Clyde & Co Art Award 2016


"With every painting, I want to try something new. I see my practice as a continuous form of learning and experimentation. I want each piece to be a challenge, either by practicality or conceptuality. "



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