Farrukh Akbar

Farrukh AkbarFarrukh Akbar

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2018

A direct comment on the current political, global events of the past eighteen months, Farrukh's Post Truth etc references the global economic downturn, United States presidential election and our ever more socially divided communities; all set against a colourful tapestry of the golden age of modernity experienced fifty or sixty years ago.

Using a rough and raw canvas applied with a thick ground is a physical expression for some of societies most grating issues at present, while the grey tone juxatposed against the colourful backdrop provides a stark contrast between the digital worlds of multi-truths and fake news compared to the hope and progress of the post war years.






Awards and residencies:

Tate Exchange, Tate Modern residency Will Technology enslave or save us?, 2018


"I hope my audience will take away a sense of loss of 'one pure truth' in an environment of multi-truths"



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