Felix Allen

Felix AllenFelix Allen

BA Fine Art: Painting – Wimbledon College of Arts, 2019

Felix’s artistic process involves creating timeless pictures that act as visual representations of events in any time or place. He wants his viewers to interpret his pieces in different ways. Felix avoids telling audiences exactly what his works are meant to be before they have made their own judgment. He believes that revealing his concept too early takes the fun out of the act of viewing a painting. His paintings contain imagery that resembles things out of our reach.

Felix’s work fits into the style of abstract realism, containing both painterly brushwork and precise shapes with sharp edges. The combination of soft and sharp mirrors what we see in real life.

Awards and residencies:

One piece has been selected to show at Clyde & Co international law firm (this involves an auction and awards); one piece has been bought for the UAL collection.

Instagram: @felixallenart


“I would like my audience to take away their own ideas and interpretations from my paintings. When people look at my paintings I want them to figure out for themselves what is happening. It's rewarding to me when I hear people's ideas about my paintings, even if they aren't what I had in mind when creating them.”



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