Fernanda Liberti

Portrait of MiAL Artist Fernanda LibertiFernanda Liberti

BA Photography, London College of Communication 2017

Growing up in the colourful chaos of a metropolitan city like Rio surrounded by stunning rainforests and famous beaches has had a huge influence on Fernanda's work, making that clash between the natural and man-made worlds a constant theme.

Fernanda's striking Corpodysmorphia's main subject is a shower curtain, a mundane household object which depicts the landscape of pristine white sand and clear waters with a perfect blue sky. These images of paradise are so often present in our lives and depicted on equally as banal items. Fernanda believes that this is evidence of our aspirations for Eden, represented by these unspoiled pieces of nature. Her artwork raises the question of these polarities between reality and fiction, the artificial and nature, the space the between the image and the imagined. It also expresses her own personal homesickness and a longing for nature whilst confined to the city landscape of London.

Fernanda enjoys the space there is in photography for deceiving the viewer, photographs can and do lie to us on an almost daily basis. Unlike painting however, which is always the product of interpretation, a photograph will always contain an element of truth, even if it has been altered later.


Awards and Nominations:

Photographer’s Forum Spring Contest 2017 (finalist); Muse Gallery AiR Competition 2017 (shortlisted); FIX Photo Festival Awards 2017 (shortlisted); 'Best in Show' at the LCC Foundation Degree Show, 2014

"My work is an attempt to understand our relationship to the ever-shifting environments in which we live, and to explore the roles and experiences of women in the twenty-first century." 


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